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Effective Ways to Turn Off Your Main Water Supply




November 28, 2023



Turn Off Your Main Water Supply

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Carrying a significant amount of water, the water main is critical to ensure a continuous water supply to a property. However, the same supplying pipe can create havoc if it bursts, making your surroundings soggy and damaging your property.

One important way to avoid these consequences is learning to turn off the main supply, saving your house and neighbouring areas. In this blog, we will learn about cutting off the bulk supply of water from the main pipe:

What is a Stop Valve?

Before going into the details of managing your main supply pipe, let’s learn what is a stop valve and how it works.

Commonly known as a stop tap or stopcock, a stop valve controls the total volume of cold water entering your property. It is a feasible way to reduce your water supply in an emergency.

Turning Off Your Main Water Supply

Dealing with your main water supply is utmost simple. Go around the walls of your residence and look for an 8-inch plastic or iron lid. The cover will read W or WM, meaning this is the main water supply cover.

Lift the stopcock cover with the help of a screwdriver, and then remove the frost pad. Lastly, simply rotate the valve clockwise to shut off the water supply. If your stop valve is shared, make sure turning it off does not disturb your neighbours.

Turning Off Your Main Water Supply

Methods of Turning Off the Water Main Supply to the House

When it comes to cutting off supply at your home, there are three ways to do so:

  • Each corner of your home, like the bathroom, kitchen, etc., has its stop valve. You can use that valve to prevent water leakage in a specific area of your home.
  • The next step is shutting off the main valve by rotating it clockwise. It will stop the water supply to your home. It is typically found in the basement, the outside wall, or the utility room.
  • Another option is to turn off the supply from your water meter shutoff valve. This valve is present near your water meter. The shutoff valve displays an arrow to tell the water flow direction. You can turn the handle manually or with the help of a wrench, meter key, or screwdriver.

Equipment Needed to Handle Your Valves

Whether you need to turn off your valves in any emergency or want to turn them off after the repairing tasks, below are some must-have equipment:

  • Screwdriver
  • Curb stop key
  • Slip joint pliers
  • Adjustable wrench

Contact Us to Deal with Your Emergency

Always be prepared to handle a main supply plumbing emergency. You must know the valves’ location on your property and the right way to turn them off. However, if you fail to manage a pipe burst appropriately, do not forget to reach our company.

We acquire skilled industry professionals who are well-equipped and available 24/7 to handle any emergency and do the repair tasks soon to minimise the magnitude of leakage and damage to your property.


A shared main valve is a water valve that supplies water to both the parties, you and your neighbour.

Managing water supply with a shared main pipe is subject to your neighbour’s permission. In case of any leakage at your home, discuss it with your neighbour. Call a professional mechanic to rectify the valve leakage and ensure continuous water supply.

No, it is not a reliable option to prevent the bursting of the pipe on a cold day as shutting off the valve stops the water supply, yet the pipe continuously stores water and can burst out. The feasible solution to avoid this problem is to insulate your walls.

Look at the structure of your home.

  • A detached house will have a separate valve.
  • A terraced house of the Victorian era will have a shared supply
  • A semi-detached home will also have a shared main valve.