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Drain Pipe Repair & Relining

There is no doubt that the pipes within your drainage system will show signs of wear and tear after some time. Over time you may need a draining expert who can solve your drainage issues and offer reliable solutions. If you are facing problems with your drainage pipe and looking for an answer, then Drain Pipe Relining is maybe what you are looking for. We at Fast Drains offer comprehensive services to avoid significant drainage issues.

We have been working in the industry for years, and our experience has allowed us to encounter numerous situations related to drainage problems. Drain Relining is the no-dig technology that can help you with drainage issues. If you have a question regarding what it actually is and how it works or if it is worth going for this option, then we are here to help you with all your queries.

What is Drain Relining?

It is a method in which a new pipe called lining is fixed into the existing damaged pipe to repair damaged drainage without restoring the traditional excavation method. Similar to glass-reinforced plastic, it is a no-dig technology in which a drain sleeve is utilized. Drain Relining helps fix a leaking or open joint and radial or circumferential cracks usually caused by blockages. It also combats successfully with root intrusion, which the old clay drainage pipes are susceptible to.

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Methods of Drain Pipe Relining

Fast Drains, the expert Pipe Relining company, uses two completely distinct pipe lining techniques depending upon the requirement of your situation. Essential is to first clearly understand what type of issue you are facing and then choose the right Pipe Relining services according to that. The two methods that we use are Ambient Cured Lining and Heat Cured Lining. These two methods of Drain lining in the UK allow us to handle all types of repair needs in a wide range of drain sizes.

  • Ambient Cured Lining

It is primarily used for fully or partially sewer pipe relining and efficiently covers multiple defects. It is the perfect method for smaller-diameter pipes and small site footprints, such as those in commercial businesses and domestic properties. Ambient Cured Lining not only repairs the damage but also offers a barrier for any type of external intrusions in future, like tree roots etc. While installing Ambient Cured Lining, the resin is inverted or pulled/pushed using air pressure or water. The liner in ambient temperature self-cures, and there is no need for heat or UV light applications, which offers seamless repair.

Drain Pipe Relining

Heat Cured Lining

Heat Cured Method is the other method used for lining the full-length drains and covers defects on larger-length pipes and larger diameters, such as those on larger industrial premises and construction sites. This inversion method uses a liner containing resins which, via the head of water from manhole to manhole, is inverted through the pipe. The water is heated inside the pipe to get the required temperature, and the curing process starts.

How to Know If Your Drain is in Need Of Repair?

If you suspect that your drainage system is potentially blocked or damaged and needs professional Drain Repair, then your drainage system must be showing the following signs

  • If your sink, shower, bath, or toilet is draining slower than usual or is not working at all.
  • There is an unusually foul smell in your home that is disturbing you.
  • Gurgling sounds can be heard from drains, toilet flushes, plug holes and pipes.

These are a few prominent signs out of many that can help you detect whether your drainage system requires professional help. In case of any emergency or need for drainage services, especially when it comes to Drain Relining, you can always trust us as your Relining Company, who can offer you the most efficient services at affordable Drain Relining costs.

Why Choose Drain Relining?

Here are a few of the many reasons why Drain Relining can be a good option to choose.

  • Significantly Reduced Drain Repair Costs
  • Availability of Lining in Different Diameters and Lengths
  • Minimal Disruption of Activities
  • Sealing of All Open Joints and Cracks
  • Speed of Repairs
  • Permanent Structural Repairs
  • Prevention of Tree Root Infestation
  • Ability to Negotiate Bends and Offset Joints
Drain Pipe Relining
Drain Pipe Relining22

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