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Sink Unblocking Service

What Do We Do?

Fast Drains is your one-stop solution for all plumbing and drainage issues. From CCTV drain surveys and septic tank installations to sink unblocking services, we resolve any issues you might face.

Blocked drains and sinks will create an unpleasant environment and stop you from performing your everyday chores. Our professional plumbers will resolve these issues and do their best to prevent them from recurring. With our sink unblocking services, we aim to make your sinks run smooth so your kitchens and bathrooms are not polluted with unpleasant smells.

Our sink unblocking service typically involves the following steps:

  1. Inspection: When you call our professional plumbers, they will thoroughly inspect the blocked sink to determine the reasons. Equipped with modern inspection tools, they will identify the exact reason for the blockage.
  2. Blockage Removal: Our plumbers will remove the blockage once the cause has been identified.
  3. Pipe Cleaning: The clearance of blocked kitchen sink will be followed by pipe cleaning to ensure no waste is stuck in the pipes, which might block the sink again.
  4. Repair or replacement (if necessary): They will identify if your sink or piping requires repairs or replacement.
  5. Testing: They will test the sink to confirm no blockage.

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Causes of Blocked Sinks

  1. Food Waste: Kitchen sinks can get blocked because food particles, grease, and oil can accumulate over time and form a blockage. The blockage may get so worse that a kitchen sink drain unblocker may be unable to unblock it.
  2. Foreign Objects: Objects such as soap residue, dental floss, cotton swabs, or small items accidentally dropped into the sink can obstruct the drain and cause blockages.
  3. Hair and Soap Scum: Bathroom sinks are prone to blockages caused by hair buildup, soap scum, and other bathroom products.
  4. Mineral Buildup: Over time, minerals in hard water, such as calcium and magnesium, can deposit and accumulate in the sink drain pipes.
  5. Pipe Damage: Damaged or deteriorated pipes, such as those with cracks, collapses, or misaligned joints, can impede the smooth flow of water and contribute to blockages.

Emergency Services Around the Clock

Prompt dealing with a blocked sink is vital in any residential or commercial property to ensure hygiene, functionality, and preservation of the plumbing system. Fast Drains offers its emergency services around the clock to instantly unblock bathroom sink and restore the system to its usual operations.  

Why Fast Drains?

  • Highly competitive rates to keep your sink unblocking service cost low.
  • Qualified and accredited plumbers.
  • Modern plumbing tools, such as CCTV cameras, to pinpoint the exact cause of the blockage.
  • Emergency services available around the clock.

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