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Blocked Drains in Oxford

Property damage, foul odours, toxic fumes, sewerage water backup, and disruption are just some of the consequences of blocked drains. They will prevent you from performing your household chores, including cooking and using the toilet. Even more annoying is that drains can get blocked at any time of the day or night.

Overcome these issues with our professional drain clearance services. Our qualified and accredited plumbers are just one phone call away to serve you around the clock. With the latest tools and equipment, we provide a low-cost and effective service. Get in touch with us if you have blocked drains in Oxford, and expect the fastest response time from our plumbing team.

Available Around the Clock

We understand that drains can get blocked without warning, which is precisely why we offer 24-hour assistance. We are available around the clock to resolve your drain issues. Our emergency services aim to provide you with a quick and immediate solution for your blocked drains.

Drain Inspection and Repairs

We provide periodic drain inspection services to ensure your drainage system is always working efficiently. Using the latest tools like CCTV drain inspection systems, our professional plumbers can detect the real reasons behind frequent drain blockages.

Our plumbing team can also identify if your drain system needs repairs or replacements. Regular inspection and repairs can ensure that your drainage system works effectively.

We are ready to assist you 24x7

Repair Services at their Best

Several reasons can cause blocked drains, but sometimes, you may need repairs or replacements. Damaged or cracked pipes, damaged relining, blocked or damaged sewer lines, and issues with other plumbing components may also result in blocked drains. Our expert plumbers can trace the fault and provide you with the repairs or replacements your plumbing system needs.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Qualified and experienced plumbing service team which has resolved numerous plumbing issues in Oxford and elsewhere in the United Kingdom.
  • Latest tools and equipment, such as CCTV drain systems, to accurately detect and resolve drain blockages.
  • Highly competitive rates so that you can enjoy low-cost services.
  • Whether it is a blocked drain in Oxford (OX1) or any other plumbing problem, We are available 24/7 to provide you with drain unblocking and other plumbing services.


Several reasons, such as a buildup of debris, particles, dust, rust, hair, food items, and grease, can cause blocked drains. They can also be caused by broken or damaged plumbing parts. Frequent blockages may indicate a severe problem which needs to be traced accurately.

Using drain covers on your drain can prevent blockages. Following best practices at home can also prevent blockages. Avoid draining grease, oil, and large-size particles, as they can result in blockages. Arrange periodic inspections to keep your drains running effectively.

Frequently blocked drains can result in mould, water damage, corrosion, and damage to the structural integrity of your property in the long run. It is essential to trace the real cause of frequent blocked drains.

Our emergency service aims to serve all our clients throughout the day or the night. We understand that some plumbing issues need to be resolved right away.