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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we try to answer the questions usually asked by our customers. We hope that this can help you with any questions you may have.

Pre-purchase or Homebuyers surveys

A CCTV survey gives the buyer with a detailed review of the condition of the property’s drainage system. It will provide an overview of any repairs needed in future, helping the buyer to make an informed decision before they buy the property. The last thing you want to face as a new homeowner is a drainage problem, as this could leave you with a significant bill to pay.

Drain-Mapping or Drain Layout Plan

A Drain Map or Drain Layout Plan will give you an understanding of where the pipes surrounding your property are located, which will be very useful when building or renovation work is planned. Your Rain Water or Stormwater drains may be separate or combined with your wastewater sewage drains and will be identified through a CCTV Survey. The Drain Map drawn up in your CCTV Survey will give the direction of flow and labels all maintenance holes and various services connected to your drainage systems such as, Kitchen Gulley, Toilet, SVP Soil and Vent Pipe.

Investigating a drainage problem

A drain survey report can identify the cause of blockages and show the amount of scale build-up within your pipes. The high-definition camera is self-levelling and will record any cracks and fractures within a pipe allowing still photographs to be taken in progress and later commented on in the report. Old Clay pipes will often move underground overtime, causing what is known as pipe displacement where the pipe joints have slipped out of place, often allowing tree roots to ingress causing blockages. Pipe collapses can be seen clearly from within a pipe on a drain camera, giving an exact measurement to locate the problem. A Drain Survey will review the condition of old pipes and provide information on the material of the pipes such as, Pitch fibre, asbestos or concrete as well as giving the pipe dimensions.

All engineer will use the drain camera to record and survey each pipe run on your drainage system, usually starting from an upstream position by the house. The information collected during the survey is recorded to a USB, and the engineer will be able to show you the footage while still on-site. You’ll be able to discuss any recommendations with the engineer before committing to any further work, and a quote can be provided there and then allowing the work to be undertaken straight away if requested with no delay.
After a survey is undertaken the footage from the camera is collated with the information taken, then input into the software by the engineer, throughout the survey, and a detailed report is created often comprising of several pages Including a drain Layout Plan.
The detailed CCTV Report is sent back usually within a day or two of the survey being undertaken, including a fixed price cost for the recommended work. If you decide to use your insurance to cover the cost of the work, then we’ll be happy to discuss the findings of the drain survey and our recommendations with the claim handler.

Before undertaking a drain cctv survey, the drains will need to be unblocked and flowing as clear as possible to allow the camera lens to be pushed up or down the drainpipe by the engineer to display a good visual image on the monitor. The CCTV Lens cannot see through sewage; therefore, the engineers may advise drain jetting or manual rodding before undertaking or continuing a survey.