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Blocked Drains in Gillingham

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Are you tired of dealing with persistent drainage issues that lead to water overflow and unpleasant odours? The frustration of a blocked drain can disrupt your daily life and pose various challenges.

At Fast Drains, we understand the necessity of resolving such problems promptly and are available 24/7 to efficiently deal with drainage issues.

If you face troubles with blocked drains in Gillingham (ME4, ME5, ME7) and beyond, connect with Fast Drains’ licenced team of experts equipped with modern techniques and the latest tools to tackle drainage problems.

24/7 Fast Response with Professionals

  • Nobody prefers waiting for the arrival of plumbers in the need of emergency. That’s why we committed to providing prompt unblocking and maintenance services 24 hours a day.
  • Our team of experts focuses on implementing unique preventive measures for your drain system to mitigate any complications.
  • Our preventive measures include regular maintenance, repairs, and inspections of your blocked drains in Gillingham to identify and fix issues before they worsen.
  • Our expert services not only save damage but also offer peace of mind to homeowners who value their properties’ upkeep.

We are ready to assist you 24x7

Trained Experts with Advanced Approach to Drain Unblocking

Fast Drains employs advanced methods to effectively solve complex drain issues, ensuring accuracy in handling plumbing problems with the latest procedures.

Extensive Training: Our team undergoes extensive training to stay updated with plumbing technology and practices, ensuring they can handle complex problems like clogged sewer lines and leaky pipes.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools: We utilise advanced CCTV cameras and modern solutions to identify the root cause of drainage problems. This technique allows us to pinpoint the problem accurately and develop a targeted solution.

Customised Solution: We offer customised solutions for unique drain problems, utilising advanced expertise to efficiently repair or replace systems, ensuring long-term solutions through complete analysis.

Impacts of Sewer Gas Smell

Why Fast Drains?

  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: With a vast history of happy customers and over 100 completed projects, we prioritise your satisfaction above all else.
  • Reliable Emergency Service: We understand that drainage issues can arise at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 services to provide immediate assistance when you need it the most.
  • Transparent Pricing: We believe in fair and transparent pricing, ensuring you receive the best services at a lower cost.
  • Long-Term Drainage Assurance: Our mission is to ensure your peace of mind by offering a long-time guarantee on our drain clearance solutions.
  • Swift Solutions: Just like our name, we pride ourselves on providing fast drainage solutions, minimising disruptions to your daily life and promptly restoring functionality to your drain system.


If the drain is outside of your property, contact your local water sewerage company so they can take care of the blockage. But if you need any assistance inside your property with drainage problems, we can help you with our latest equipment and expert plumbers.

Depending on the level of the blocked drain, generally, unblocking drains in Gillingham can cost from £80 to £175. For affordable and effective service, contact us. We are available 24/7 to relieve your drain-related stress.

  • Blockages in drains typically occur due to a variety of factors, such as tree roots ingress, flushable wipes, feminine hygiene products, accumulated hair, and fat, oil, and grease build-up.