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Drain Jetting Services

High Pressure Drain Jetting Services

Drain jetting services, also known as hydro jetting or sewer jetting, is a method used to clean and unblock drainage and sewer systems. It involves a high-pressure water jet to remove blockage, debris, and buildup from pipes.

A specialised nozzle is attached to a water hose during the drain jetting process, which propels high-pressure water into the sewer. The high pressure sewer jetting effectively dislodges and flushes away any obstructions, including grease, tree roots, scale, silt, and other debris that may be causing a blockage.

With our latest equipment and highly efficient technicians, Fast Drains have become the leading drain jetting company. You can hire our services if you are facing a drain blockage and require a professional hand to unblock it.

Benefits of Drain Jetting Procedure

  • Clears blockage and removes debris from the pipes effectively.
  • Versatile and applicable to various types of drains and sewer lines.
  • Helps prevent future blockage and blockages.
  • Non-invasive and avoids the need for pipe excavation or dismantling.
  • Environmentally friendly, using water primarily as the cleaning agent.
  • Fast and efficient, saving time in resolving drainage issues.
  • Provides long-lasting results by restoring proper flow and functionality.
  • Safe for pipes when performed by trained professionals.

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How is Drain Jetting Carried Out?

Assessment: Our professional drain cleaning technicians will first assess the situation by inspecting the drain or sewer line using specialised cameras or other diagnostic tools. This will identify the nature and severity of the blockage.

Preparation: Once the assessment is complete, they will gather the necessary equipment for drain jetting. This includes a jet pipe cleaning machine, a flexible hose, and a nozzle suitable for the specific drain or sewer pipe.

Insertion of the Hose: The technicians will insert the flexible hose into the drain or sewer pipe. The hose is pushed through the pipe until it reaches the area of the blockage or buildup.

High-Pressure Water Jetting: The technicians will activate the high pressure drain jetting machine with the hose in place. The machine generates a powerful stream of water that is directed through the nozzle and into the pipe.

Cleaning Process: The high-pressure water stream is moved back and forth along the pipe to thoroughly clean the interior surfaces. The force of the water dislodges and flushes away debris, grease, tree roots, scale, and other obstructions. The technicians may also adjust the nozzle to create different spray patterns, which can help remove different types of blockages effectively.

Inspection and Retesting: Once the water jet drain cleaning is complete, the technicians will inspect the drain or sewer line again to ensure the blockage has been cleared. In some cases, a follow-up camera inspection may be conducted to verify the success of the cleaning process.

Maintenance Recommendations: The technicians also recommend maintenance practices or additional steps to prevent future blockages or buildup in the drain or sewer system. This may include suggestions for regular maintenance, such as using drain screens or applying drain-cleaning products.

Drain Jetting Services

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

  • Hair accumulation in bathroom drains.
  • Food waste buildup in kitchen sinks.
  • Soap scum and mineral deposits in bathroom drains.
  • Foreign objects accidentally dropped into drains.
  • Tree roots infiltrating outdoor drains and sewer lines.
  • Sediment and scale accumulation in pipes.
  • Flushing improper items like sanitary products or wipes down toilets.

How Much Does It Cost?

Drain jetting costs can vary based on the company, their expertise, and the local market rates. Other factors include:

The Complexity of Blockage: The complexity of the drain blockage or the length of the sewer line can impact the cost.

Additional Services: If other issues are discovered during the drain jetting process, such as damaged pipes or the need for pipe repairs, these additional services may incur extra costs.

Emergency Services: If you require drain jetting as an emergency service outside of regular business hours, there may be additional charges for immediate response.

However, on average, water jetting services can cost you from £70-£175.

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We at Fast Drains work tirelessly to provide top-of-the-line drain jetting services to all our customers. Our team is capable of handling any drain problem in an efficient manner. We use state-of-the-art apparatus to ensure desirable results and client satisfaction. Contact us to hire our residential or commercial sewer jetting services for rapid and reliable drain unblocking.

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