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Drain Leak Detection

Fast Drains Offers A Thorough Drain Leak Detection Service

Drainage systems play a crucial role in every property, and therefore, require regular checks and maintenance to ensure they are intact and functioning optimally. A drain pipe leaking can emerge as a real cause of concern if overlooked for some amount of time, carrying the potential to cause costly issues, including property damage.

Drain Leakage Comes with Concerns

The following issues surface if the drain leak detection process is neglected while the threat of a burst or damaged pipe loom:

  • Risk of property damage
  • Significant rise in water bills
  • Build-up of fungus and mould, detrimental to health and well-being

The prime solution to these dangers is early drain leak detection. Many leaks may go unnoticed because of occurring in hidden areas; hence, hiring an expert to get your property examined once you identify an increase in your water bill, or any other sign of a leaked drain, is vital.

Signs that You Require Sewer Leak Detection

The sooner you discover your drain leak, the less damage you will suffer. Even if you do not expect any drain leakage, you should look out for the following signs that imply you should get your drain pipes checked:

  • Mould and dampness resulting from water seeping into your building.
  • Subsidence due to water penetrating into the soil beneath your building, causing the ground to soften and wash away and the structure’s foundation to move.

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Typical signs of subsidence are:

  • Cracks popping up in the walls, pathways, etc.
  • Sinking or slanting of floors.
  • Windows or doors getting jammed.
  • Cracks forming at places where the extension meets the main property.
  • Water collecting around your building or emerging through the paving or grass in the lawn.
  • Foul smell emanating from the drain itself.

Apart from the above, there are a few signs that only a drain expert can detect. These include:

  • Water passing through surface drains without there being any rainfall.
  • Private foul drains carrying clean water when the building is empty.

Crucial Importance of Underground Pipe Leak Detection

Early detection of sewer pipe leakage is critical to the safety of your property. Below are some key benefits of early sewer line leak detection:

  • Non-destructive

At Fast Drains, we take optimal measures to ensure your property stays completely safe and undamaged with our drain leak detection process. With us, there is no need to excavate your floor or erode your kitchen units. The equipment is specially manufactured to identify a leak anywhere in your building without causing any destruction.

  • Highly Precise

Using the most suitable technique, we ensure stark precision when it comes to identifying the location of your leaking spot so that any digging required during the repair is kept to a minimum.

  • Time-Efficient

Fast Drains experts detect the leak source on the day of the site survey so that you do not waste any more time with firms to get your drains checked and the leaking spot identified.

  • Economical

The delay in sewer pipe leak detection can result in thousands of pounds in water bills and future repairs along with damage to your property. Our drain leak detection services ensures we keep a check on all these factors.

  • Huge Success Rate

Our team at Fast Drains has tracked down thousands of leaks using high-tech equipment.

  • Prevents Further Property Destruction

Water is potent enough to cause silent damage to your premises. Finding the leaking source early saves you from further destruction.

  • Keeps You Safe from Massive Excavations

We do not undertake the costly and tortuous measures of digging up your house or garden to reach the leak. All we aim for is to offer you peace of mind by doing away with the unneeded stress and huge cost of excavations.

  • Keeps Your Business from Shutting Down

With massive water bills and failure to hunt down the exact problematic spot, you may get to face the misfortune of having to shut down your business. We strive to keep your business running by being at your service once you call us, and find a quick solution with minimal disruption to your flow of operations.

Areas We Cover

Fast Drains: Drain Leak Detection Techniques

Our team at Fast Drains has got access to the most advanced tools and equipment to detect any drain pipe leakage. We are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge, training, and skills once we get on board.

Our drain leak detection procedure involves careful planning, looking for the evidence in and around the premises, and eventually setting out with the non-destructive leak detection equipment. Typically, our first step involves using a CCTV drain survey to assess the existing condition of your drainage system and identifying the leaking spot. The CCTV footage is entirely recorded and visually displays the source and root of the issue. This footage can also become a crucial part of your claim process for your insurance firm. 

Only later do we move ahead with our special equipment that may include:

  • Listening sticks
  • Thermal imaging
  • Noise loggers
  • Leak correlation equipment
  • Acoustic microphones that provide a digital or analogue display along with an audible signal
Drain Leak Detection