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Concrete Removal from Drains

Are you experiencing a blocked drain due to construction work in your vicinity? Well, there is a greater probability that the concrete, grout and cement have accumulated, forming a mass that stops your waste from flowing.

These concrete blocked drains are impossible to open via a usual drain opening solution due to the rigid nature of concrete mass. This is where professionals can help.

Fast Drains is here to resolve your problems. Professionally skilled in removing concrete from drain pipes, we efficiently get you rid of your concrete-blocked drains.

The Equipment We Employ

  • We have efficient wet vacs to draw out wastewater before unblocking concrete-blocked drains.
  • Our latest CCTV cameras help us look deep and determine the key blockage cause.
  • We have strong drain snakes to break stubborn concrete masses in your drains.
  • Our high-pressure drain jetting can clear away accumulated cement in the drains within minutes.
  • Our sectional drain cleaners enable us to clear large drains that are usually difficult to open via conventional methods.
  • We have the best quality chemicals to speed up removing concrete from sewer pipes.

We are ready to assist you 24x7

We Address Everyone

Providing reliable solutions without digging and considerable disruptions, we address your drainage issues. Our services cover:

  • Domestic properties
  • Municipality council
  • Commercial buildings
  • Manufacturing units
  • Building contractors
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Industries

Providing Comprehensive Drainage Solutions

We provide effective solutions to all drainage problems, ensuring minimum disruption without digging to preserve your structures. We deal in:

  • Blocked drain repair
  • Drain leak detection
  • Burst water main repair
  • Planned maintenance
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Drain surveys
  • Concrete removal from drains
  • Septic tank installation
CCTV Drain Survey

Drain Solutions Around the Clock

A small camera that is connected to a computer is driven through the drainpipes. It sends footage and image to the system that displays all the results on an LCD screen. This helps to find the source and determine the magnitude of the problem.

Robotic or rover cameras are connected to the system via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology. They are operated remotely by CCTV drain surveyors and can move easily in the bigger sewer lines. They offer high efficiency due to their extended range and wireless controls. They can prove helpful in conducting industrial CCTV drain survey


Yes, we provide fully insured services to compensate for any unexpected loss during the work.

Concrete accumulates in drains, making rigid masses impossible to remove without technical equipment and professional help. Therefore, it is recommended to hire experts to do the task.

The expected cost for this job is almost £200 per cubic metre, including VAT. However, it’s an estimated cost and for a more precise idea, connect with our experts.

It depends on the nature of the job and the mass and strength of the concrete trapped in it. Usually, it takes 1/3 of the time compared with conventional unblocking methods.

Areas We Cover