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Rat Blocker Installation

Generally, rats enter a home via cracks or holes in doors, drain pipes, roofs, etc., which can be blocked with an anti-rat drain valve, i.e. drain blocker. Because of the high food content and water in drainage pipes, rats are attracted towards them and can easily enter the home or may cause pipe blockage.

At Fast Drains, we offer specialised rat blocker installation services, keeping your houses free of rats. Our drain specialists also help with other drain issues to ensure your drains remain in optimal condition.

How a Rat Blocker for Drains Works?

The rat blocker for toilets has a two-gate system that opens only towards a single side. This makes sure that the water flows out easily while blocking the entrance of a rat. Moreover, this drainage rat trap provides a way out for the rats that have entered your house, but they can never enter back.

Rat Blocker Installation

Step 1: Preparation

Before installing the rat blocker, we will ensure that the drains are not cracked or collapsed. If your drains have such issues, our professional will resolve these problems.

Step 2: Installation

Our professionals will fit the rat blocker into the drain. If it is hard to get the blocker in the drain, we will squeeze and apply pressure to fit it inside the drain. Likewise, if it is a bit loose, we will pull it apart for the best fitting.   

Step 3: Check Your Installation

Lastly, we will check the rat blocker installation by flushing down toilet paper. If the toilet paper passes through the unit along with water, the rat blocker is installed perfectly.

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Why Should You Choose Our Rat Blockers?

  • Impossible for rats to enter
  • Double-gated
  • Gnaw-resistance
  • Stainless steel
  • Permanent Prevention
  • Easy push-fit installation
  • Has a friction fit, so it doesn’t move in the pipe

Keep Your Houses Free of Rats

Let our drain experts install rat blockers in your drainage system to keep your houses free of rats. Contact us today!

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Yes, a properly installed one-way rat valve or rat blocker makes it almost impossible for rats to enter your house.

Installing a rat blocker is very simple and quick; all it requires is removing the drain cover and installing the unit within the pipe by push-fitting.

Generally, installing a rat blocker costs around £200-£300.