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Pitch Fibre Pipe Repair

As a homeowner, one cannot fully comprehend which types of pipes serve what purpose on our property. To many, they are just a system that carries fluids and wastewater away from their property. However, there is more to this sophisticated yet complex system.

This being said, like other systems in our homes, plumbing systems deteriorate, and one example of such a system is pitch fibre pipes.

Understanding Pitch Fibre Pipes

  • In the 1950s and 1970s, pitch fibre pipes were extremely popular due to their economical rates.
  • They were manufactured from wood cellulose infused with inert coal tar.
  • They were commonly installed and found in hospitals, schools and housing estates.
  • While all drain pipe types must withstand the stress and strain of modern life, pitch fibre pipes are the most vulnerable to damage.
  • They collapse and deform when hot water, oil, fat or grease regularly runs through them because they are made from manmade material.
  • As pitch fibre drains have a lifespan of around 40 years, pipes we find today are either blocked or collapsed due to the breakdown in the material.
  • And if you are facing a blocked pitch fibre pipework, Fast Drains can assist in replacing pitch fibre drains.

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How to Spot Pitch Fibre Drains in Your Home

  • If you believe you have pitch fibre drains installed in your home, the best and ideal way to detect them is through a CCTV drain camera.
  • Other than detecting the type installed, the damage, irregularities, or breakages can also be checked via a CCTV drain survey.
  • This makes it the most convenient and hassle-free way to determine the status and condition of your drains.
  • If the camera detects any wear and tear, a few options must be considered.
  • You must hire professionals for pitch fibre drain repair immediately if the pipes are already collapsed and leaking,
  • If left unattended and ignored, these collapsed drains can affect your property drastically.
  • A CCTV will provide a clear and vivid picture of the condition of the pipes; whether the system needs to be repaired or requires replacement, consult us today!

Problems Caused by Pitch Fibre Pipes

Though pitch fibre pipes have an extensive lifespan of at least 40 years, after that, they collapse and badly deteriorate.

If left unattended, the damage can worsen due to high-temperature fluids, oils and chemicals running down the drain.

Another issue pitch fibre pipes face is root ingress. Roots enter into the pipes, and as a result, they collapse. If you are facing such an issue, our pitch fibre drain repair experts will remove all the roots surrounding the pipes quickly and efficiently. 

Other issues include the following:

  • Pitch fibre pipes also deteriorate due to excessive weight, age and stress.
  • If the pipes become permeable, water can seep, creating subsidence.
Pitch Fibre Drain Repair

Efficiently Re-rounding and Re-lining Your Pitch Fibre Pipes

Pitch fibre pipes cannot withstand today’s increased water pressure and modern drainage requirements. If you notice that your pipes are deformed and losing shape, re-rounding them can reverse that. The greatest benefit of pitch fibre re-rounding is that it is a relatively cost-effective, no-dig and time-efficient solution.

  • Initially, our team conducts a CCTV survey to check if the pipes have squashed or bubbled too much.
  • Then they will insert a heavy winch re-rounder into the pipe, restoring it to its optimal condition.
  • To clean them from dirt and debris, a set of metal brushes will also be sent through the pitch fibre pipes.
  • This all will be done without excavation; however, if the pipes are severely damaged and broken, we may need to replace them.

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Pitch Fibre Drain Re-lining Services

  • Pitch fibre drains can break, blockage, or collapse, leading to floods and water overflow.
  • Our specialists can help re-line your pitch fibre drains without making a fuss and excavating the drains.
  • Using the latest no-dig method is relatively easier and inexpensive compared to traditional re-lining methods, which are disruptive and expensive.
  • Therefore, if you want a no-dig re-lining solution with minimum disruption, hire Fast Drains today!

Affordable Repair and Replacement

Fast Drains are experts in the drainage industry and are happy to help its customers pitch fibre pipe repair.

From reshaping to sealing up the cracks, we always find the best solutions according to the condition of the pipes. Instead of delaying the process, we will offer a solution that fits your budget. Therefore, whether you need a new drainage system or re-rounding of older pipes, Fast Drains tends to each against a reasonable pitch fibre pipe drain repair cost.

Get Your Pitch Fibre Pipes Repaired with Fast Drains

  • Fast Drains deal with pitch fibre drain pipes of all sizes.
  • Our team is available around the clock to cater to all your needs regarding pitch fibre drains.
  • Call us today before the issue leads to an expensive excavation or replacement of the pipes.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Pitch Fibre Drains

Pitch fibre pipes last for at least 40 years.

No, because insurance companies categorise this type of damage as wear & tear. However, if the damage has been done by root ingress, they might cover the expenses.

Pitch fibre pipes are made from wood fibre and coal tar, and to make the pipes more robust and reliable, some asbestos is added to the material.

Pitch fibre pipes can quickly deteriorate when exposed to high water pressure, oil, grease, and fats. The pipes are deformed due to their light and cheap design.

They can be re-lined and re-round if are not severely damaged, to increase their strength.

If the pitch fibre pipes cannot be repaired, they must be replaced with a better alternative. Replacing pipes is a relatively more expensive and time-consuming method.

Although pitch fibre pipes have a life span of 40 years, the materials that hold the cellulose together, like bitumen and resin, deteriorate with time. As a result, pipes become brittle and collapse.