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Blocked Drains in Bournemouth

Don’t Let a Blocked Drain Wreck Your Surroundings

A blocked drain is nothing less than an epicentre of foul smell and thriving hazardous microbes keeping you at risk of infectious diseases. It also hinders the smooth flow of contaminated water from your building, creating a messy situation nearby.

Fast Drains is a reliable platform to address your concerns regarding blocked drains in Bournemouth. With a well-equipped team of professional drain blockers, we can proficiently unblock simple domestic and complex commercial drainage systems.

Hire our quality services, keep your vicinity clear from any sewerage waste, and have hygienic living conditions with prompt drain solutions.

We are ready to assist you 24x7

Ensure Clean Living

Keeping your blocked drains in Bournemouth (BH1) clear, we assist you in having a clean living area:

More Efficient Drainage: A clear drain ensures fast and continuous water flow, keeping your kitchen and toilet clean. It also prevents overflow of water from your fixtures.

Prevention of Foul Odours: Blocked drains are a habitat for microbes and moulds and a source of obnoxious odours. Hiring our professional drain clearance services can help you avoid this mess.

Limits Damage to Your Home: A blocked drain ultimately causes contaminated water leakage that promotes discolouration to floor tiles, dampness along the walls, and damage to your home. Unblocking your drains timely can prevent your residence from these costly losses.

Keeps Your Pipes in Good Condition: We can help you keep your sewerage pipes in good condition by preventing the build-up of solid waste.

Improved Family Health: Keeping your drain smoothly flowing, we help you have a clean and comfortable environment for your home.

Reach Us Timely

Following are some signs indicating you have blocked drains in Bournemouth and require professional drain unblocking services:

  • Unpleasant odour of waste coming from your drains.
  • The sluggish flow of drainage water.
  • Overflowing toilets or sinks.
  • Strange gurgling sounds from your drains.
Impacts of Sewer Gas Smell

Quality Services at Affordable Costs

Our company addresses all your drainage issues. Whether you are facing a blockage or need an installation, drainage inspection, or repair, we provide all services.

Apart from this, we have affordably planned our service packages to help you make easy payments in return for our rendered services.

Well-equipped Professionals Offering the Best Services

Fast Drains is a house of well-equipped and proficient professionals that efficiently handle your complicated blocked drains. Our equipment facilities extend beyond:

  • Pipe cameras for a clear view of inaccessible sites.
  • Manual drain snakes to break clogged masses in smaller pipes.
  • Motorised drain snakes with greater power backup to remove stubborn clogs.
  • Drain augers for unblocking toilet and shower pipes.
  • Hydro-jets to clear the toughest of clogs.
  • Cable cleanings with built-in blades to cut clogs.
  • Latest metres to detect water flow.
  • Best quality and approved drain cleaning chemicals.
Tips for Removing Drain Smells from House

24/7 Services

A drainage emergency can occur anytime, including a blocked or burst pipe, an extensive leakage or control valve issues. Catering to such concerns, we remain open 24 hours to listen and provide solutions. Reach us via phone or e-mail and let our professionals address your issues within a reasonable time domain.


There can be several reasons for a drain blockage, such as debris, soap, any stuck plastic product, oil, etc., that build up over time, blocking your pipe.

As per the tenancy laws, the landlord will be responsible for paying for the drain blockage services unless the damage has been caused due to the tenant’s negligence.

  • Do not pour fats or other greasy products into your sink.
  • Install drain protectors.
  • Prevent glass scraps, small plastic products and food items from draining away into your pipe.
  • Do not flush sanitary products.
  • Have your drains inspected regularly.
  • Use good-quality drainage products.

The cost of unblocking drainage pipes depends on the job’s nature, location and time, whether it’s a bank holiday, weekend, etc. For more details, consult with our professional drain cleaners.