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Blocked Drains in Dorchester

A drainage system is important for properly regulating the waste and water out of the structure. However, a clogged drain impedes water drainage, damaging your property owing to the seeping of water that leads to overgrown moulds, weak structure, and ruined paint.

At Fast Drains, we understand your pain and the downsides of a blocked drain in Dorchester (DT1). This is why we offer 24/7 emergency drain unblocking services to help so you don’t have to face any consequences.

We have state-of-the-art technology that helps us from detection to fixing it. Our services include unblocking blocked drains in Dorchester, drain jetting, soakaway drainage, septic tank installation, septic tank cleaning, drain pipe relining, pitch fibre pipe repair and other plumbing services.

We have more than 24 years of industry experience and are fully insured, quick in speed and efficient in work. Contact us and enjoy the best plumbing services!

Our Cutting-Edge Services and Methods

CCTV Drain Survey

Gone are those days when clog detection was a headache! We use our smartly designed, intensive CCTV drainage survey to thoroughly analyse your drainage and identify the blockades and other possible issues.

Jet Washing

It’s an innovative technology that is part of our unblocking drainage services. We use a highly pressured water jet to break the extensive blockade into smaller pieces to push it down the pipe. It also helps to clean the drainage pipe and remove dirt, grease and other waste. It’s a safer method that requires skills, and we are experts in that!

We are ready to assist you 24x7

Clog Removal

For clog removal, our specialists may apply different solutions depending on the nature of the issue and your system. We use techniques and tools like augers, drain snakes, and other effective tools inside the drainage pipes to break the harder and more stubborn clogs that won’t be removed otherwise.

Signs You Need to Call Us!

  • Standing water
  • The lousy smell of drains
  • Overflowing sewage water
  • Backing up of water in the bathroom
  • Increased water bills
  • Frequent clogs
  • Visible water stains
Blocked Culvert Clearance

How We Work in Emergencies | Simplified Process

  • Reach Out: Call us and tell us about your urgency.
  • Prompt Team Deployment: We immediately dispatch our most competent employees with their kit.
  • Thorough Analysis: They do a thorough analysis to get to the roots of the issue.
  • Quick Solutions: Once the problem is identified, our experts fix it properly. After we find you satisfied, we take our payment and leave!


You can follow some easy maintenance tips to avoid discomfort, lousy odour and regulated flow in the drainage system. Consider using stainers over the drainage pipes to stop and prevent the food, hair and other obstacles from going down there and causing issues in future. Use plungers to pump out the waste. Consider regular drainage checkups from professionals.

Hiring experts in drain clearance at least once a year is highly recommended. However, consider following drain maintenance tips weekly and monthly. Regular maintenance is essential to avoid any obstruction or blockage in the drains.

Drain pipes have food particles, hair and other materials that make them smell bad, which is expected to some extent. Still, it’s also a sign of an incoming blockage nearby. Seek professional help if the smell increases and lasts long.