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CCTV Drain Survey in Sterte

Safeguarding Property Values

A severely blocked drain pipe leading to a burst will create a mess, causing costly damage to your drainage system and posing a risk of infectious diseases in the vicinity. Having a timely domestic drain survey can save you from such a situation.

Via detailed navigation, a drain survey helps you locate apparently invisible blockages or cracks in your complex drainage system, avoid disruptive emergencies, and safeguard property value.

Fast Drains is the most trusted platform to address these concerns via a CCTV drain survey in Sterte. Being well-equipped with the latest tools, we can diagnose crucial drain problems and assist you in having a protected living space. Hire our certified specialists near you for efficient domestic or commercial drain surveys.

Well-equipped Professionals for Drain Surveys

Our company acquires a whole range of modern equipment for a detailed drain inspection in Sterte (BH15, BH152BW).

Remotely Operated Crawlers: Our crawlers can efficiently reach inaccessible areas to find the exact blockage point.

CCTV Camera: Our latest water-proof CCTV cameras help us get a clear picture to identify the root cause easily.

Access Rods: These help push cameras beyond stubborn obstructions.

Proteus Floatation: These boats, like mini-machines, survey culverts with high water flow.

Sonar Sensors: Our modern sonar sensors detect intricate cracks and voids in your pipes.

We are ready to assist you 24x7

Comprehensive & Accurate Reports

Conducting a thorough CCTV drain survey in Sterte, we prepare comprehensive reports to give a detailed overview of your drainage system. Our report encapsulates:

  • High-definition film footage
  • Clear flow directions
  • Dimensions of the drain line, such as length and diameter
  • Quality drawings
  • Fractures, silt/debris build-up
  • Root infestation

Providing detailed reports, we ensure each aspect of the drain survey is successfully addressed.

Innovative & Cost-effective Drainage Solutions

Our drainage survey services prove to be economical in several ways:

Accurate Diagnosis: Being well-equipped, our experts guarantee accurate and precise surveys, deriving a feasible outcome for your drainage problem.

Quick and Reliable Analysis: Our local drain surveys are fast and reliable to successfully solve your blockage issues within minimum time.

Cost-effective Solution: Our quality surveys eliminate your need for repeated blockage services, offering a one-time economical solution.

Minimum Disruption: Rather than carrying out a complete excavation, we utilise the latest cameras to find the exact location of the root cause and smartly rectify it without any significant disruption.

Promoting Drainage Safety for Everyone

Our CCTV drain survey services cater to all commercial and domestic clients. We can help:

  • Contractors to plan their sewerage system wisely before construction.
  • Property managers to maintain property integrity.
  • Homebuyers drainage survey to assess drainage system before the purchase and prevent costly plumbing issues.
  • Municipalities to ensure public safety.
  • Health facilities to maintain a clean environment in their vicinity.
  • Environmental agencies to protect ecosystems via a safe evacuation of dirty water.

Emergency Drainage Services 24/7

Fast Drains remains vigilant in addressing its commercial and domestic clients around the clock. Whether it’s a bank holiday or a weekend, our specialists provide satisfactory drainage unblocking and survey services. Hire our expert services and get rid of a pipe burst or a blocked pipe within a small timespan.


Having a drain survey can be effective in identifying:

  • Pipe leaks
  • Blockages
  • Corrosions
  • Poor drainage installations
  • Collapsed drains

Through our careful surveys, we would find the exact entrance of rodents and proceed to find a feasible solution.

The cost of a drain survey depends on the nature of the job. Consult with our experts near you for more details.

We are open 24/7 to solve your drainage issue, whether it’s a weekend or a bank holiday.