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CCTV Drain Survey in Slough

Dealing with a drain blockage at your home can be very annoying, especially during the chilly winter when the smells can become intolerable. The stagnant water and decomposing organic matter can render your place inhabitable within a few days. That is why you should act fast at the first sign of a drain blockage.

Sometimes, the causes of improperly working drainage systems are not immediately obvious and require professional work to find out the issues. Fast Drains offers expert CCTV drain surveys in Slough (SL0, SL1) that examine drains via cutting-edge digital cameras to get a detailed view. This technique eliminates the need for excavation around the problematic areas and removing existing drainage pipes.      

Why Should You Choose CCTV Drain Survey?

Accuracy: A CCTV drain survey shows a clear picture of the inside of your home’s drainage system, giving you a better understanding of the hidden defects without having to dig up the entire drainage system.

Quick Analysis: Everyone wants their drainage issues to be resolved as soon as possible. A CCTV drain survey will greatly speed up the process and quickly identify the issue’s root cause.

Minimal Disruption: This inspection technique is far less disturbing than conventional domestic drain surveys as it doesn’t involve opening up the entire system.

Cost-Effective: CCTV surveys eliminate the need for digging to determine sewer issues, reducing the cost of digging and other guesswork.

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What Common Issues Are Identified by a CCTV Drain Survey? 

Drain Blockage: The most frequent issue found is the blockage of pipes. A CCTV survey will pinpoint the issue’s origin, which gives you a clear direction as to what corrective actions are needed to solve it.

Infestation of Tree Root: Tree roots frequently get access to the drainage system through cracks and openings and keep growing and expanding, harming your pipes and clogging them. A CCTV drain survey can identify the issue and help you choose the correct remedial action.

Collapsed Sewer: This is a major issue that won’t go away with drain cleaning and could eventually cause major problems. CCTV drain surveys pinpoint the size and location of the issue so you can quickly and affordably repair your pipeline.

Damaged Pipes: Over time, the drainage system starts to deteriorate. Misaligned joints and cracked pipes must be swiftly found and fixed before they cause more serious problems.

Poor Pipe Connection: Pipes that are not properly connected can cause a waste of water. CCTV drain surveys will swiftly identify the nature and location of your issue, enabling you to take immediate action to address it.

Which Tools Are Used in a CCTV Drain Survey?

Cameras: These are waterproof, compact cameras linked to the system with a strong but flexible pipe. These cameras have a little torch installed on them and can easily run through the drains.

Crawlers: Crawlers are rovers that move along with a camera attached to them. You can operate them remotely and easily conduct a CCTA survey.

Access Rods: These rods are used to push and slide the camera around curves and bends.

Ultrasonic Waves: It generates ultrasonic waves to aid in mapping the sewer network and locating blockages.


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A CCTV drain survey provides a detailed view of what is happening inside sewers and drains. They are an extremely important tool for determining why your drains are clogged and the root cause of the problem.

The length and diameter of the drains influence how long it takes to do a CCTV sewer survey. They can be carried out in approximately 1 hour or more.

Sewer camera inspection work typically costs around £85-£350. Local experts often provide two sorts of surveys. A basic CCTV drain survey would cost between £85 and £235, while a full CCTV drainage survey with a report will cost between £200 and £350.