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CCTV Drain Survey in Poole

CCTV drain inspection is one of the most efficient and reliable techniques for identifying the cause behind malfunctioning drains. It involves a detailed inspection of a drainage system with the help of advanced technology cameras to identify potential issues without excavation. This method helps to track the problem quickly and offers the best solution for resolving it.

Fast Drains provides the facility of CCTV drain surveys in Poole to identify the reason behind collapsed pipes or blockages. Our specialists assess the drain condition, list all the problems along with their location, and provide you with a full written report that also contains recommendations for solving a particular issue. We have heavily invested in technology and professional training, which have made us capable of tackling drainage emergencies effectively.

What Does a CCTV Drain Survey Reveal?

As one of the most effective methods, a CCTV survey for sewer lines reveals several issues, including:

Damaged Pipes

We perform domestic and commercial CCTV drain surveys to trace blocked, collapsed, corroded, or torn drainage pipes. After identifying the problem, we help you resolve it with necessary repairs or replacements to avoid soil contamination and property damage caused by drain leaks.

Root Ingress

Our experts quickly identify the issue of root ingress into small faulty openings of drains and repair those parts to avoid the formation of larger cracks. We then remove the roots from drain pipes and resolve the blockage issue to restore efficient drainage of waste materials.


Residential and industrial CCTV drain surveys quickly track the presence of rodents, such as rats, in drainage pipes. Rodents can get into pipes if they are cracked or damaged or if they were left open during construction or renovation work. Upon identifying the presence of rodents, our professionals repair the damaged pipes to avoid the risk of rodents entering your property.

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How Do We Complete CCTV Drain Survey?

Our CCTV drain surveyors follow these steps to complete the process efficiently:

  • Attach a waterproof camera at the end of a flexible rod.
  • Insert the camera into the drain that navigates through all twists and turns of the drainage system.
  • Observe real-time footage of drains on the monitoring unit to get a clear picture of pipes from inside.
  • Identify the exact issue and its location, such as cracks, collapses, blockages, scale build-ups, tree root intrusions, etc.
  • Provide a detailed report which includes all the findings, images, and recommendations for required repairs or replacements.

High-Tech Equipment

At Fast Drains, we use high-tech equipment to perform CCTV drain surveys and complete our jobs. We have:

  • Crawlers
  • Sonar Unit
  • Access Rods
  • Waterproof Cameras
CCTV Drain Survey

We Help You Avoid Major Repair Costs!

Our company undertakes CCTV drain surveys to keep your drainage system clean with an efficient working condition. We help you avoid costly repairs by quickly identifying the potential issues and resolving them timely.

You can get several benefits at Fast Drains, such as:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Expert Analysis
  • Detailed Reports
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • High-tech CCTC Cameras
  • Convenience & Accessibility
  • Early Detection of Drainage Issues

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CCTV drain survey helps to assess the condition of drains before you buy a new home. In this way, problematic drains can be identified beforehand, helping you avoid potential repair costs.

CCTV drain surveys are non-intrusive and do not require digging or excavating the area to inspect the drainage system. This method involves minimum disruptions during the inspection of drains and pipes and causes no significant damage to your property.

You can get your drains inspected with the CCTV drain survey if you experience frequent blockages, gurgling sounds, or feel unusual odours outside or inside your property. Moreover, you can also get these services before buying a new property or starting any building and landscaping projects.

The cost of a CCTV drain survey varies from £90 to £400.