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CCTV Drain Survey in Peterborough

If you are experiencing constant drainage problems and seek quick identification and resolution of hidden problems within your drainage system, our drainage experts are here to help you out.

Fast Drains renders specialised services for CCTV drain surveys in Peterborough. Using the latest drain survey equipment, we identify the precise location of the blockage and work to fix it within the set timeframe.

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Benefits of CCTV Drain Surveys

Accurate Diagnosis:

CCTV drain survey allows our experts to see the problem right away. This results in a quick and precise diagnosis of any drainage issue.


Due to their accuracy and precision, CCTV drain surveys offer value for cost, requiring less time and disruption to the system to diagnose and resolve problems.

Minimum Disruption:

CCTV drain surveys identify the exact location without needing unnecessary excavations. Once the location is identified, work will be done specifically on that part.

Minimise Maintenance Issues:

Providing accurate diagnosis about the issue, CCTV domestic drain survey allows to resolve the issue, preventing any long-term maintenance issues.

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Common Problems Identified Through CCTV Drain Surveys

Blocked Drain: It’s the most common problem identified in residential and commercial drain surveys. A CCTV drain survey identifies the problem’s source to remove the blockage.

Tree Root Infestation: They commonly find their way through cracks and gaps in the drainage system. Then, they expand and grow, causing damage and blockage in pipes.

Collapsed Sewer: This is a significant issue that cannot be solved with regular drain cleaning methods. CCTV drain surveys identify the problem’s scale and location, allowing quick repair.

We offer homebuyer drainage survey services to inform you about the problems before purchasing a house.

Damaged Pipes: The state of the drainage system may get nasty over time. Cracked and displaced joints need quick repair before they damage the whole sewer system.

Poorly Connected Pipes: If pipes are not connected well, they can leak, causing issues like soil liquefaction and other ground problems. CCTV drain survey will identify the location of the problem, allowing you to resolve it quickly.

Tools Required for CCTV Drain Survey

Here is a list of tools that are used in drain inspection in Peterborough (PE1):

  • Waterproof modern cameras
  • Access rods
  • Proteus crawlers
  • Proteus flotation
  • Push rod coiler
  • Sonar units
  • WinCan

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We have a team of qualified specialists with years of training and practice conducting in-depth analyses and inspections. We aim to provide cost-effective and efficient services by utilising innovative technology to resolve drainage problems.

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A CCTV drain survey is essential when buying or renting out a property to live. Above all, when a constant drainage issue cannot be resolved through normal means and the source of the issue is unclear, CCTV drain surveys are the outlet you need.

CCTV cameras have a range of around 30 to 50m, while high-resolution IP cameras come with a range of up to 150m or more.

You can operate CCTV cameras without the internet; the great thing is that it can even work without electricity.

Yes, it is, and it highlights the local drainage problems before you buy a property, eliminating the likelihood of any surprises related to costly repairs in the future.