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CCTV Drain Survey in Fleet

CCTV drain inspection is one of the most effective and efficient options for determining the condition of your drainage system. It helps diagnose and highlight issues with drains so that a suitable solution can be devised for resolving the problem.

Fast Drains offers CCTV drain surveys in Fleet using the latest technological equipment. Our surveyors record the appearance and condition of drains using specialised CCTV units, uncovering potential issues. Based on the identified problems, our experts also suggest a suitable repair solution that can effectively resolve the persistent issues and restore your drainage system’s condition.

Why Is CCTV Drain Survey Considered Important?

The reasons why CCTV drain surveys are considered significant include but are not limited to the following:

  • Save you cost and time.
  • Perfectly identify hidden issues deep down into the drain.
  • Speed up the problem diagnosis.
  • Provide a clear picture of the exact condition of drains and pipes.
  • Help in deciding the exact repair service required to restore the drainage system’s working condition.
  • Involve no excavation, causing minimum disruptions outside your property and in the surroundings.

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When Is a CCTV Drain Inspection Required?

You can undertake CCTV drain inspection services in different situations, such as:

  • Subsidence
  • Surface Flooding
  • Re-Blocking Drains
  • Building an Extension
  • Purchasing a New Home
  • Facing Problems with Rodents, etc.

How Do We Work?

Our CCTV drain surveyors use a small waterproof camera to inspect the internal condition of your property’s drainage system. The camera is lowered into the drain, which captures images and records video of the drain and sewer lines to assess the problematic area. We can easily evaluate the condition of hard-to-reach areas with the help of advanced technology cameras while conducting the surveys.

We identify the existing issues using captured images and recorded videos. Then, our professionals prepare a survey report that includes all the images, videos, findings and observations, and possible suggestions to resolve the drainage problems. This report is provided to the client so you can get a clear picture of your drainage system’s condition and the level of repairs required.

CCTV Drain Survey

Prevent Future Problems with CCTV Drain Surveys

The report prepared by our experts includes the details regarding persisting problems with your drain pipes. We also provide suggestions concerning the required repairs and maintenance work to keep the drainage system functioning normally. In this way, we help you identify the potential issues beforehand and devise strategies to resolve them before they become more serious.

Prevent drainage problems from worsening by undertaking timely repairs based on the condition of your property’s drainage system.

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We are always available with our stress-free and minimally disruptive services of domestic and commercial CCTV drain surveys. Get peace of mind regarding your property’s drainage system condition with our experts, who are always happy to serve you.

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Mostly, a CCTV survey for sewer lines takes almost two hours to complete. However, this time varies based on the job’s complexity; more time is required to complete the survey for larger properties with complex drainage systems.

According to the experts, it is recommended to get your property’s drainage system surveyed once a year to assess its condition. This practice will help you identify problems at an earlier stage, eliminate the requirement of costly repairs, and maintain the optimal functioning of drains.

An industrial CCTV drain survey uncovers many potential problems, such as blockages, collapsed drains, corrosion, cracks, general wear and tear, leaks, and other damages.

The cost of a CCTV drain survey depends on several factors, such as your property’s size and location, drainage system’s accessibility and condition, drain length, pipes’ diameter, and the type of survey. However, on average, this cost ranges from £90 to £350.