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CCTV Drain Survey in Crawley

The drainage system is responsible for carrying the wastewater to the main sewerage pipes, and it contains infectious microorganisms and other contaminants. If drainage pipes develop any issues, it will not just affect your health but will also have a significant impact on the environment.

To detect the drain issues in less time and with less disruption, a CCTV drain survey is carried out, which highlights all drain issues and gives you direction on choosing the suitable repair method.

Fast Drains is your dependable and trustworthy company that provides professional services of CCTV drain surveys in Crawley. Whether you need a domestic or commercial drain survey, our local experts, using advanced technology, can help you easily identify the problematic areas and provide suitable solutions.

What Issues Are Identified in a CCTV Drain Survey?

Our drain inspection in Crawley helps identify the following issues:

  • Drain Blockage: This is the most common issue identified by a CCTV drain survey and will help you find out the source of the blockage.
  • Tree Root Infestation: It’s common for tree roots to find their way to drainage pipes via gaps or cracks, which can easily be identified by a CCTV drain survey.
  • Collapsed Sewer: This is a significant issue that won’t go away with drain cleaning and could lead to environmental problems. CCTV drain surveys help you fix your pipeline quickly and affordably by locating and determining the extent of the issue.
  • Damaged Drain Pipes: Over time, the drainage pipe deteriorates, which can be quickly detected by a CCTV drain survey, saving you from more severe issues and costly repairs.
  • Pipes with Poor Connections: Improper pipe connection may cause wastewater and other contaminants to seep into the ground, causing significant environmental issues, which can be solved by a CCTV drain survey.

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Advantages of a CCTV Drain Survey

Quick and Precise: CCTV drainage surveys let you examine your drainage system and precisely pinpoint any hidden problems. After the survey is finished, the surveyor will offer a solution for the issues found.

Cost-Effective: A CCTV survey involves identifying drain issues without digging, saving you money on excavation.

Maintenance in Advance: Using a CCTV survey for drainage to evaluate preventive maintenance measures will guarantee that you won’t experience any expensive issues in future.

Speed: A CCTV drain survey is completed quickly; the whole process takes around half an hour from beginning to end.

Minimal Disruption: With a camera assessment in this survey, there is no need to dig out to find out the issues, leading to minimal disruption.

Equipment and Tools Used in CCTV Drain Survey

We utilise the following tools in our commercial or domestic drain surveys.

  • Push Rod Cameras: Employed for the pipes having smaller diameters.
  • CCTV Crawlers: Used for the pipes having larger diameters.
  • Jetters: Used where extraction and cleaning are needed inside the drain.
  • Wincan: An inspection software providing detailed and accurate recordings of the inside.

Solving Your Drain Issues with Our Versatile Technology

Keep your drains free of any serious issues and costly repairs with our latest CCTV inspection method. Contact Fast Drains, your one-stop destination for all drainage system issues, and keep your drain in good working condition. 


A CCTV drain survey is used to inspect the condition of drains and sewers, providing you with a clear picture of blockage, cracks, or any other damage in the drain.

A basic CCTV drain survey costs around £85-£235, while a more detailed survey with a report costs around £200-£350.

A CCTV drain survey includes images of the drain condition, a map of the drainage system, and a report highlighting the drain issues.