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CCTV Drain Survey in Broadstone

Mitigate Complicated Drainage Issues

The drainage systems are complicated. A blocked drain becomes a severe problem for the residents. Not only does it hinder wastewater from draining easily, but it also produces a foul smell due to stagnant water and decomposing organic matter.

Accompanied by a blocked drain is the risk of microbial prevalence that may lead to infections. Mitigating these problematic concerns requires a thorough CCTV drain survey in Broadstone to determine the cause of the clog and resolve it to avoid blockage issues.

With a professional experience spanning over 24 years, Fast Drains provides quality services for drain inspection in Broadstone (BH18). We have the latest cameras to approach and detect inaccessible drain areas, finding the precise location of the problem. With Fast Drains, get the best expertise and timely solution to your drain concerns.

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Why Our Inspections?

Our CCTV drain surveys are useful in numerous aspects to help you find:

  • Blockages and Leaks
  • Displaced Joints
  • Cracked and Collapsed Drains
  • Minor and Major Tree Root Ingress
  • Corrosion, Wear and Tear
  • Scale Build-Up
  • Signs of Poor Insulation

Harness the Power of Drainage Equipment

Our drain experts utilise the latest technology and techniques to figure out the blockage location and resolve it in no time.

Robotic Crawler CCTV Cameras: We use crawler CCTV cameras with powerful LED lights to record high-definition videos for small pipes of diameters ranging from 150mm to 2000mm.

Push CCTV Drainage Cameras: We are equipped with push rod cameras to access inaccessible places where robotic crawler cameras cannot work. These mini-cameras help us get a closer and clearer view of vertical or bent pipes.

Sonar Systems: If a small pipe in your sewer system is having a complicated blockage, our latest sonar systems help us ascertain the prime blockage reason via emission of powerful ultrasonic waves.

CCTV Drain Survey in Broadstone
CCTV Drain Survey in Broadstone

Minimum Disruptions | More Benefits

Our domestic drain survey services save you cost in several ways:

  • Using advanced technology, we can inspect your drain accurately and quickly, devising a quicker solution than any conventional method.
  • Unlike traditional methods, our drain surveys give reliable solutions in one visit, saving you time and cost.
  • Our CCTV drain survey in Broadstone enables us to serve in inaccessible locations.
  • Our surveys help owners in planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programmes, preventing costly pipe damage.
  • We help contractors identify drain connections and design effective drainage systems that comply with regulatory protocols.
  • Through efficient sewer surveys, we help support planned work to effectively carry out pipe repairs, replacement and rehabilitation.

Services Around the Clock

Fast Drains provides quick drain inspection surveys 24/7 to save you from a big hassle or loss. Our professionals remain alert to address your queries and provide feasible solutions. Connect with local experts for specialised solutions to your drainage concerns.


A commercial drain survey helps you avoid blockages and keeps you aware of any significant problem with your system. It also keeps you compliant with the regulations to avoid any penalty.

On average, it takes merely two hours for a thorough survey. However, the time may vary depending on the nature of the job.

The cost depends on the task’s complexity. Nevertheless, you can reach our friendly staff anytime for more details.

We deliver our services with extreme care and accuracy. However, in case of any unexpected damage, rest assured that our services are fully insured to compensate your loss.