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CCTV Drain Surveys in Bournemouth

Cut the Hassle & Identify the Issue Right Away

Experiencing poor drainage can be a real pain for property owners. It is crucial to determine the damage or blockage in a drainage system. To fix the issue, one must understand the problem first; that’s where our CCTV drain survey services in Bournemouth come in. Our survey will help you find issues in hard-to-reached areas using our high-tech cameras and equipment.

Why Do You Need a CCTV Drain Survey?

Block drains can be caused by several reasons that can appear suddenly if not dealt with quickly. The reasons may include food, grease, water or soap scum. In such a situation, a drain camera survey can give you a clear picture of what is going on in your drains. The survey is beneficial as it will pinpoint the precise location of the blockage, the condition of pipes and the root cause of the problem.

Signs You Need CCTV Drain Survey

You can hire Fast Drains to perform a CCTV drain survey in Bournemouth (BH1) on your domestic or commercial premises if you encounter the following situations;

  • Or if you are buying a new property and undertaking a house extension.
  • If you notice that water is more than usual to drain.
  • If you notice water pools under the sink, bath or toilet.
  • Strange and unpleasant smells are coming out of the drains.

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What does a CCTV Drain Survey Identify?

Our drainage CCTV Survey is designed to deliver complete and thorough inspections of your drainage system. Whether there is a minor or a major issue, a CCTV Drain Survey can help you identify several problems.

That may include the following:

  • Collapsed and Damaged Drains
  • Tree Root Ingress
  • Drains Blockage
  • Wear and Tear and Corrosion
  • Animal Intrusion
  • Poor Installation
  • Pipe/joint Displacement
CCTV Drain Survey

A Complete CCTV Drain Survey Includes:

  • Film Footage
  • A detailed report with flow direction, length of the drain, fractures, and root infestation.
  • A diagram of the drainage system is then provided with recommendations.
CCTV Drain Survey
CCTV Drain Survey Bournemouth

CCTV Drain Survey: A Quick and Easy Procedure

  • When you hire our engineers to arrange an emergency CCTV drainage survey, they will visit your desired location at a given time.
  • They will start the inspection by feeding a specially designed CCTV camera into the blocked drain.
  • To examine the condition of the drain, data through live footage will be collected by our team.
  • Whether it’s a minor blockage, fractured joints or a built-up of scale, our team will discuss further feedback and advice.
  • After this, our engineers will investigate what could be the root cause of the problem.
  • They will come up with an appropriate solution accordingly.

Although the inspection process is easy and won’t take much time, it depends on the size of the property and the state of your drainage system.

Our Specialists Use High-Tech Tools and Equipment

  • Fast Drains’ CCTV drain survey specialists in Bournemouth are equipped with up-to-date technology for conducting your CCTV surveys.
  • No matter the drain size, our high-tech cameras can detect and identify any minute detail while providing accurate recordings.
  • They are dedicated to what they do and complete the work safely and to a high standard.

Fast Drains: Providing Cost-Efficient Services

Our drain survey cost depends on the complexity of the drain system. It also varies according to the size of the drain. Due to its preciseness and accuracy, it takes way much less time. By hiring us, our team will survey most effectively, ensuring the best affordable services and offering value for money.