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CCTV Drain Survey in Ascot

A CCTV drain survey involves thoroughly inspecting the drainage system with the help of specifically designed CCTV cameras. It helps to survey and identify potential issues, keeping the drainage system in good condition and preventing undesirable issues from arising.

Fast Drains provides specialised services of CCTV drain survey in Ascot. We also offer expert advice to deal with your problems effectively, ensuring the blockage does not happen again. Our expert individuals conduct detailed analysis of the situation, identify the issue, and devise an appropriate solution.

Get Your CCTV Drain Survey Done by Us

Our CCTV drain surveys are designed to identify the problems inside the pipe that are otherwise difficult to see. You can get our tailored services of CCTV drain inspection in Ascot (SL5) to identify and resolve multiple issues.

  • We help you know the existing situation of your drains.
  • Our experts analyse the images to determine the structural integrity of the drainage system.
  • We conduct detailed drain surveys, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Our professionals use sophisticated technology efficiently, delivering the finest quality services.

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Commercial Drain Surveys

We provide complete drain services on commercial level, helping you avoid disturbance in your daily work routine. By conducting quick and efficient surveys, we identify the problem and help you get back on track as soon as possible.

We will save you from losing hundreds or thousands of pounds, which can occur due to disruptions and delays in your ongoing projects.

Domestic Drain Survey

We provide drain survey services at the domestic level, saving you from the headache and hassle of resolving drainage problems. As true industry experts, we use advanced equipment and technology to complete the process.

We are also offering homebuyers drainage survey to help you know about the condition and issues of the drainage system before buying a property.


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Being a specialist company with years of experience, we conduct CCTV drain surveys in Ascot to detect the issue and devise the most suitable solution. We pride ourselves on:

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  • Guaranteed solutions
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Your drainage system is an easy way for rodents to enter your property. Once the rodents enter drain pipes, they can destroy them and wreak havoc on you.

You need a CCTV drain survey if you:

  • Buy a new home.
  • Build an extension.
  • Face rodents’ problems.
  • Experience surface water flooding.

There can be several reasons for drain blockage, including piling up of foreign objects such as debris, grease, hair, tree roots, etc. Poor pipe installation is also one of the reasons for drain blocking.

A thorough investigation of drains conducted via a CCTV survey helps identify problems, such as blockages, cracks, collapses, corrosion, leaks, loose joints, wear and tear, and other damages. After identifying the issue, a suitable solution is devised for efficiently dealing with the clogged, damaged or displaced elements.

The duration for conducting a CCTV drain survey varies based on the scale and complexity of the drainage system. A small system takes almost 2 hours; however, an extensive system requires more time.